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Bijou Suggests

Take a moment to read our recommendations to ensure you get the best out of your wedding dress shopping experience.

Know your budget

Don’t waste time or risk breaking your heart trying on dresses out of your price range. Focus on what you can afford and then you’ll have time to really explore what amazing dresses are available to you.

Remember all costs including alterations

Your dress budget needs to include the cost of any alternations. The price is dependant on the alteration and the dress. If you want your dress shipped to you, that’s another cost to consider.  Also remember the cost of accessories like a veil, shoes, lingerie and jewellery.

Bring someone with you

We recommend you bring one or two trusted people with you. Too many people becomes confusing.

Start early

You’ll need at least six months to get your dress. Ideally eight. Unless you’re purchasing off the peg (we do have that option) dresses take six to eight months to create on average, and heavily embellished ones can take up to a year! If you put dress shopping off for too long your selection of dresses may be limited. Note alterations can take up to 8 weeks, too!

Venue dress code

Check any religious restrictions when shopping for your dress – you may be in a venue which requests shoulders or arms to be covered. That’s not a problem but prior knowledge will save you time and money.

Book an appointment

Please, please, please book an appointment. We book our Boutique out so the bride gets our full attention and the Boutique to themselves!

Let us make recommendations

We love it when you come in with an idea of what you want. That is a great starting point and helps focus the initial search. We see hundreds of brides of all body shapes – from the most slender to the fullest – and we know which shapes tend to suit different body types. Come with an open mind.

Buy a dress that fits now

It’s much easier (and cheaper) to take a dress in than take one out. Don’t add pressure to yourself.

Bring your accessories

Think about the underwear you’re wearing – a nude bra is always a good idea and bring some shoes about the height you’re planning on wearing on the day.

Buying preloved?

We have a selection of preloved dresses. Please take a moment to read our buying and selling guide.

Think about your venue.

We strongly advise you book your venue before dress shopping as the venue can determine the theme for your wedding and this normally reflects on the style of your dress you chose. It also gives you a real date to work to.